Shift Groups

A shift group is comprised of requirement types and shifts. The shift group, in turn, is assigned to the entry object used to enter shift planning. Thus, in planning a shift with a specific entry object, you only use the requirement types and shifts that are defined in the shift group of the entry object.

Your enterprise operates in the following pattern: Early, late and normal shifts are scheduled Mondays through Fridays. However, flextime can be worked on Saturdays. To display these requirements, create the following shift group.

Shift Group "XY"

Reqmnts Type

Reqmnts Type Text

Shift Name

Shift Abbreviation


Reqmnts on weekdays

Early Shift



Late Shift



Normal Shift



Reqmnts on Saturdays




The Shift Group infotype (1039) assigns the shift groups to the entry objects. The principle of inheritance applies to this infotype, however, only when you assign organizational units. In this case, you can limit data entry time by specifying the infotype for organizational units belonging to a higher level of the organizational structure. The subordinate organizational units automatically inherit the shift groups of the superior level organizational unit.

To define shift groups, choose Human resources ® Time management ® Shift planning ® Environment ® Current settings, or the corresponding step in Customizing.