Filtering Employees According to Jobs

You can restrict the selection of employees by filtering out employees assigned to certain jobs. In this way, you get an individualized selection of employees.

Thus, you can specify the employees used in the shift plan by selecting the relevant jobs. Employees with these corresponding jobs are then transferred to the shift plan.

The system creates a list of employees who are linked to the entry objects according to the evaluation path of the entry profile.


  1. Choose Human resources ® Time management ® Shift planning.
  2. The Shift Planning screen appears.

  3. Choose Shift planning ® Change shift plan.
  4. The Change Shift Plan screen appears.

  5. Enter the desired entry object in the entry field of the entry object type. You can choose the entry objects from the possible entries list.
  6. Choose Settings ® Restrict employees using jobs.
  7. A list of all jobs assigned to the selected entry object appears.

  8. Select the desired jobs.
  9. Choose Transfer.