Target Plans

The Target Plan is a temporary shift plan with modifiable target entries. The target plan is the basis for the Actual Plan.

When you call up the target plan, a screen appears displaying a calendar on which the selection of employees, and their personal work schedules, have been entered automatically by the system. You determine this selection by using the entry object type and the entry profile. The daily work schedules are automatically transferred from other Time Management components.

One function of the target plan is Requirements Matchup, which displays the requirements you defined and enables you to assign them to the selected employees. If the daily work schedule of the requirement differs from that of the employee, you can change the working time of the employee in the calendar display of the shift plan. Thus, you can adjust the work schedule to fit an entry object type of the defined requirement.

In addition to the calendar view, a day view can be used to assign requirements and employees for partial shifts and part-time work. By using the day view, you can schedule whole and partial day requirements, as well as individually process and display any day of your choice. When you save your entries, all relevant data for time evaluation and time accounting is automatically transferred to the applicable components.

When you finish planning the target shift, you close the target plan and lock the data from any additional changes being made. As a result, the target plan becomes the actual plan.