Opening and Changing Shift Plans

Shift plans are both target and actual plans. The shift plan displays the employees who are selected from the evaluation path of the entry profile, and the entry objects. The calendar for the desired planning period is also displayed. Additionally, you can see more data about the selected employees, such as organizational unit, job and personnel number, in a separate information column.

When you call up Requirements Matchup, the current personnel requirements are displayed. You can then assign employees and requirements to each other.

You can change target plans at any time before the target plans are completed. If the target plan is completed, then you can only edit the actual plan. Actual plans can be changed at any time.


  1. Start a Shift Plan.
  2. Enter your desired data.
  3. To display the information column, choose Views ® Info column and the appropriate display.
  4. To see Requirements Matchup, choose Views ® Requirements matchup on/off.
  5. Choose Save.