Assigning Availabilities, Differing Payment or Shifts

You can assign availabilities, differing payments or shifts to an employee for any period of time. When you assign differing payment to an employee, the system creates a substitution position in time recording to be used for accounting purposes.

Temporary assignment changes are used only in shift planning and have no effect on the employee and his or her position in the organizational structure of your enterprise.

All data assigned to the entry object you used to enter the current shift plan is available.


  1. Start a Shift Plan.
  2. Select the shift you want to edit in the shift plan calendar.
  3. Choose Edit ® Shift details.
  4. The Edit shifts on (date) dialog box appears.

  5. Carry out assignments as follows:
  6. · To assign a different shift, enter the desired data in the Shift field.

    · To limit the shift to a specific time interval, enter desired times in the Working time field.

    · To set up differing payment, enter the desired data in the Paid differently as field.

    · To define an availability, enter the desired data in the Availability field.

    · To assign an employee to another organizational unit, enter that organizational unit in the Works temporarily for field. You can use the list of possible entries to select the appropriate organizational unit.

  7. Choose Continue.
  8. The system transfers the data to the shift plan. When you assign different shifts, the system automatically overwrites the original shifts.

  9. Choose Save.