Requirements Matchup

You can only assign requirements and employees by using Requirements Matchup. This function gives you an overview of available requirements records.

In Requirements Matchup, you can make assignments for one day, or several days at a time. You are able to edit and display the assignments in detail, and make time-related changes to the shift plan. Partial day assignments can also be made in day view using Requirements Matchup in the same way. Requirements Matchup can be used in the same way in day view to plan shifts in great detail.

Requirements Matchup displays the current status of requirements processing and takes requirements coverage into consideration. In addition, the Display assigned employees function lists those assignments that are already made. This screen displays the date, employee and period for which an assignment already exists and allows you to delete any of the assignments. Choose Edit ® Assignment ® Display.

You can also switch the Requirements Matchup on or off at any time. The day view depicts the current requirements matchup in a timeline.