Assigning Requirements and Employees

Employees and requirements are assigned to each other in Requirements Matchup.


  1. Start a Shift Plan.
  2. Choose Views ® Requirements matchup on.
  3. Select the requirements record in the requirements matchup that you want to assign to an employee.
  4. Select the employee in the shift plan that you want to assign to a requirements record.
  5. Choose Edit ® Assignment ® Create.
  6. The Breakdown of requirements assignment dialog box appears.

  7. Enter the applicable time period for the assignment.
  8. Select Do not change working time if the shift is within the employee’s regular working time.
  9. In the Interval field, enter a shift in the form of an abbreviation, for example, a daily work schedule.
  10. Select Adjust working time to requirements to assign to the employee the exact working time necessary to completely cover the requirements.
  11. You can either enter a shift abbreviation or an individual period. To activate or deactivate the fields, select the arrow between the fields.

  12. Choose Continue.
  13. The data is transferred to the shift plan. The period that was edited is now highlighted on the screen. When the requirements are covered, the color of the shift changes in Requirements Matchup.

  14. Choose Save.