A shift plan determines the number and type of requirements that need to be covered. These requirements are then matched to existing human resources.

The structure and composition of personnel requirements depends upon your enterprise. The requirements of employees reflect the type and scope of operational tasks, amount of work distributed, as well as technology in use.


A requirement in Shift Planning is structured as follows:


A requirement is defined by assigning it a requirements type and a requirements record.

Requirements Type

A requirement is set up using a calendar. Requirements types allow you to create requirements for different periods, for example, if more employees are required to work on Saturdays than on other days.

Requirements Record

A requirements record determines the following elements:

You break down the weekdays into work-related time periods.

You determine the number of employees that need to be scheduled to cover a requirement. In addition, you can enter a minimum or maximum number of employees and thus specify how many are essential to cover the requirements.

You select the work areas where requirements are necessary, for example, department head, machine foreman, and so on.

A requirement with an activated indicator means that an employee already assigned to another requirement can be included in this requirement.

You specify which qualifications are required of the employees you want to schedule to cover a requirement. Qualifications are foreign language skills, special machine-related skills, and so on.

You can assign an individual name, or briefly describe a requirements record.

You specify the validity period for the requirement.

Blank Requirements Record

By using a blank requirements record you can create exceptions to personnel requirements.

For example, one of the divisions of your enterprise is closed Mondays but operates a normal shift Tuesdays through Fridays. The following personnel are required:

Mondays: No requirements

Tuesdays - Fridays: 5 employees per day

To create these requirements, define the following:

Requirements Type:

Requirements Record:

Requirements on weekdays

Normal shift; Target number = 5

Requirements on Mondays

Blank requirements record


As a result, no personnel requirements are displayed in the shift plan for Mondays.