Working with Requirements


Requirements are comprised of the number and type of employees required to fulfill a certain operational task. This data can be used as a reference when planning the working times of employees.

During the planning process, the requirements reflect the optimal planning goal by comparing the current requirements coverage to the desired requirements coverage in Requirements Matchup.

The definition of a requirement allows you to refer to all available human resources in your enterprise when planning shifts and to implement them to optimal effect.


The following data must first be assigned to a requirement. Choose Human resources ® Time management ® Organization or Human resources ® Time management ® Shift planning:

Process Flow

  1. Determine the entry object type.
  2. The employees assigned to entry objects can be used in the shift plan.
  3. Specify a requirement type.
  4. To define the requirements record, carry out the following steps:

  5. Choose existing shifts or enter a time interval.
  6. Early and late shifts are worked on all workdays. Enter the following assignments for the XY division:

    · Early shift and late shift in the requirements type for weekdays

    · Early shift and late shift in the requirements type for Saturdays

  7. Specify the target number, and the minimum and maximum number of employees required, if necessary.
  8. Assign a task profile to the employees by using jobs.
  9. Determine whether you want to assign the requirements record as an additional shift to employees already scheduled. Activate the indicator in the ID column.
  10. Determine whether you want to cover a requirement with an employee that has certain qualifications.

You can repeat this process until all of the desired requirements types, as well as requirements records, are created.

To define a requirements record, you must first have the following data assigned:

Assigning additional data produces a more detailed requirements definition.

You have now defined a requirement. In this requirement, you determined on what days, at what time, a certain number of employees are scheduled in the shift plan. You can then assign the available employees in the shift plan to the requirements specified, until the scheduled requirements are covered.