Creating Requirements Records

  1. Selecting Requirements Types for which a requirement should be defined.
  2. Choose Get, to display existing requirements records or to activate the entry fields for the requirements records.
  3. In the Edit requirements record section, define your individual requirements record.
  4. You can either define a requirements record generally or in more detail. You can then enter data in the following entry fields in this section.

    Proceed as follows:

    1. To access an pre-defined daily work schedule, enter the applicable shift in the Ab (abbreviation) field.
    2. To create a personal shift time, enter a desired start and end time for a shift in the Time interval field.
    3. To activate or deactivate the Time interval and Ab field, choose the arrow between the two fields.

    4. To specify the number of required employees, maintain the Tgt (target), Min.(minimum) or Max.(maximum) fields. By maintaining the Min. or Max. fields you can define the minimum and maximum number of employees necessary to fully cover the requirements.
    5. To specify the required activities, or classifications of task areas, enter the desired job in the Job field.
    6. To assign an employee to an additional shift, the applicable requirements record must be activated by setting the indicator in the ID column.
    7. To specify qualifications, choose the possible entries list for Qualif.(Qualifications) and enter the desired data.
    8. To describe a shift, enter the text of your choice in the Comments field.
  5. To delete all of the entries for the requirements records you are currently editing, choose Clear fields.
  6. This function deletes all of the non-transferred data from the current requirements record. If you do not want to correct all of your entries, you can overwrite only the applicable data.

  7. Choose Transfer.
  8. The requirements record that was created is then entered in the Edit requirements record field by the system.

  9. Choose Save.

You must save your entries after the following steps:

To create a blank requirements record :

  1. Repeat steps 1 - 3.
  2. Choose Extras ® Blank requirements record ® Create.
  3. A dialog box appears.

  4. In the Comments field, enter a personal comment and name, if required.
  5. Enter a validity period, if necessary.
  6. Choose Transfer.

The requirements record that was created is then entered in the Edit requirements record field by the system.

The requirements record created is then entered in the Edit requirements record section. You can place the selected requirements record from this list by Copy and Change in the Edit requirements record field in the group box and modify it. With Transfer, the requirements record is put back in the list. With Delete, you take the selected record off the list.