Copying Requirements Records

  1. Selecting Requirements Types for which a requirement should be defined.
  2. In the Search period field, enter the Start and End date of the period for the desired shift.
  3. Choose Get.
  4. Select the requirements record you want to copy from the list of requirements records.
  5. Choose Copy.
  6. The selected requirements record is entered in the Edit requirements record by the system. You can now change the data, if required.

    In copy mode, the Change function is inactive. In this way, you can easily tell the mode in which you are currently working.

  7. Choose Transfer.
  8. Choose Save.

The requirements record that was copied is then entered in the Edit requirements record section by the system. The requirements to be covered are increased due to the new requirements record inserted.

Clear fields deletes all of the data from the current requirements record that is not yet transferred. If you do not want to correct all of your entries, you can overwrite only the applicable data. Furthermore, you can cancel the copying function with this feature. You can then jump directly to Create requirements record and access the copy or change mode again.