Specifying Qualifications

You can specify qualifications that you want to access during shift planning. In Customizing, choose Personal Management ® Personnel Administration ® Employee Qualifications ® Create qualifications.


  1. Repeat one of the following procedures until you have the desired requirements records data in all of the fields in the Edit requirements record section:
  2. · Creating Requirements Records

    · Copying Requirements Records

    · Changing Requirements Records

  3. Choose Qualif. (Qualifications)
  4. The Requirements Processing screen appears.

  5. Choose Get requirements.
  6. The Qualifications screen appears.

  7. Select the desired qualifications.
  8. Choose Transfer.
  9. You return to the Requirements Processing screen. Qualifications The qualifications selected are then entered in the list of qualifications in the Edit requirements record section by the system.

  10. You can also specify a proficiency for the qualification.
  11. Choose Transfer.

You have now assigned a qualification to the current requirements record.