Displaying Requirements

  1. Choose Human resources ® Time management ® Shift planning ® Requirements ® Overview.
  2. Enter the current plan version.
  3. Enter the desired entry object to be assigned to the requirements in the Select assignment section.
  4. In the Search period field, enter the Start and End date of the period for the desired shift.
  5. Choose Edit ® Display.
  6. The system displays a list of existing requirements for the exact search period you entered.

  7. Select a requirement.
  8. Expand the desired requirements.
  9. The system displays all of the requirements records assigned to the requirements of this period.

  10. Select a requirements record.
  11. Choose Edit requirements.

The Requirements Processing screen appears.

Displaying requirements shows you an overview of the requirements already entered and allows you to jump directly to the editing mode from the display mode.