HTML Help Viewer Help

The HTML Help Viewer help comprises:

If you navigate to other help files in the online help, other HTML Help Viewer instances are opened. These instances can be closed individually. If you close the initial instance, all viewer instances are closed.

To go to the first page of the online help, choose Home. You have access to the entire documentation from there: R/3 Library, Glossary, Implementation Guide (IMG) and Release Notes.

Finding Help Documents

To find help documents:

  1. Navigate in the table of contents tree structure (Contents tab)
  1. Perform a keyword search (Index tab)

If you are in the R/3 Library the complete index is displayed; if you are in another help file only the index of that help file is displayed.

Select an entry in the list of keywords and choose Display.
If the selected keyword is assigned to only one help document, that document is displayed. Otherwise a list of documents found is offered for selection.

As Release Notes and IMG have no keywords, only full text search is possible for them.

  1. Perform a full text search (Search tab)

Enter a search request and choose List Topics.
All documents are searched if you are in the R/3 Library; only the documents in the current help file are searched if you are in another help file. The documents found are listed for selection.

To make complex searches:

A global search in the R/3 Library, in particular full text search, requires a large amount of main memory. Global full-text search should only be used if the help files are on the local hard disk.

Finding the Current Help Document in the Table of Contents

If you found the current topic by search or hyperlink, the position of the topic in the table of contents is not displayed. To find the topic in the table of contents, choose Locate in the toolbar.

If you found the current topic by a global (full text or keyword) search in the R/3 Library, the help file containing the topic must first be found. Click on the Locate icon in the topic title. Then choose Locate in the toolbar to expand the help file table of contents and find the position of the topic.

Printing Help Documents

You can print individual help documents or several documents at the same time: