Object Model


The SAP Object Model maps the business structure of the R/3 System. The Object Model shows the objects of the system and the relationships that exist between them. An object is embedded in its environment through relationships, and these can be used to call other objects.

The behavior of an object is represented by its methods. Objects form capsules, which means that the state of the object and its attribute values can only be changed by object methods.


The internal structure of the objects is represented in its most refined form by the object-oriented Structured Entity Relationship Model (SAP SERM).

The entities of SAP SERM are assigned to one object in each case. Objects therefore allow the model to be viewed at a higher, business-based level of abstraction.

R/3 System objects describe:

The object architecture reflects this classification. All objects are uniquely incorporated in the architecture from a business viewpoint. This enables you to compare customer objects with the objects stored in the SAP architecture.


You can use the following tools to view the Object Model: