The IMG (Implementation Guide) component is the central R/3 Customizing tool and explains step-by-step how to configure the R/3 System according to your specific requirements. The IMG displays a hierarchy structure and contains all the activities for configuring the R/3 system. The IMG structure is modeled on the R/3 Component Hierarchy and is supplied as the SAP Reference IMG. Each activity in the SAP Reference IMG is documented.

Implementation Considerations

The IMG can be used in different ways in your R/3 implementation:

The SAP Reference IMG gives you access to all Customizing activities, supplied by SAP and is used as the basis for generating the Enterprise IMG through selection of components and countries. Other Project IMGs with various Project IMG views can be generated from the Enterprise IMG for your R/3 implementation.


The IMG is a central, cross-application component. All R/3 components are integrated in the IMG.


With the IMG you can: