The goal of the Personalization component is to accelerate and simplify the business processes handled with the R/3 System.

The transactions of each application are adapted to the business requirements of a company or different groups of users. Unnecessary information and functions in the transactions are deactivated, making the processing of business workflows faster and easier. Endusers are only offered the transactions that fit their respective work centers, and unnecessary navigation through unneeded functions in the SAP applications is eliminated. Each enduser has personal work list of transactions that have been adapted to the business processes.

Both the end users and the application administrators benefit from this component. The application administrators are given tools that adapt the individual transactions to a company’s business requirements, without requiring any modifications.

Typical work centers are defined by assigning standard transactions or Customized transactions to a user group. In the process, the appropriate authorization profiles for the members of the work center are defined, and an individual user menu for simplified navigation is generated. The effort required for adjusting the transactions is kept to a minimum.

Implementation Considerations

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The Personalization component includes the following tools: