AVC dummy scheme

An employee pays into a percentage pension scheme and wishes to make a flat rate AVC of 1,000 in July 1995. This is the only AVC they wish to make this year. To set up the dummy scheme proceed as follows:

  1. Select the menu path Human resources ® Personnel admin. ® Maintain master data.
  2. Enter the employee’s personnel number.
  3. Enter Pensions admin in the infotype field and flat rate scheme in the subtype field.
  4. Select Create
  5. You will see the Pensions admin GB create screen.

  6. Change the default valid dates to 01.07.1995 - 01.08.1995.
  7. Enter 1,000 in the Employee Actual field.
  8. Save your entries.

Result: A 1,000 AVC will be deducted from this employee’s pay in July 1995.