FI Documentation Content

The following section will provide you with an overview of the documentation for the General Ledger (FI-GL) and Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (FI-AR/FI-AP) components.

You will also gain an overview of the contents of individual FI documents:

FI Implementation Guide (IMG)

You use the IMG to prepare for, document, and execute system installation.

FI Document Posting

This document outlines the basic principles of posting documents.

FI Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

This document explains how you enter and administer customer and vendor master data in the system, in addition to paying and dunning procedures.

FI General Ledger Accounting

This document describes how to enter and administer G/L account master data in the system. A chapter on balance interest calculation is contained in the manual.

FI Closing and Reporting

This document tells you which closing operations can be performed with the system and which preparations are necessary. For example, you can find out how to create a balance sheet and income statement and how to archive data.

FI Financial Information System

This document explains which evaluations you can perform with the financial information system. It also explains how to display your evaluation results on screen. Details on system configuration are also provided.

FI Electronic Bank Statement

This document outlines the electronic bank statement processing procedure: importing, entering, updating, and sequential processing. You can also find out more about customizing the electronic bank statement.

FI Credit Management

This document provides an overview of credit management and explains which instruments are available for credit monitoring in the R/3 system.

FI Business Area

This document describes the role the business area plays as an organizational unit within the R/3 system.

FI General Topics

This document will tell you how to set up and use taxes and currencies in Financial Accounting, as well as how data transfer works.