A routing and its objects contain all the information required to describe a production process. The most important routing objects are operations, sub-operations, sequences of operations, material components, PRTs and inspection characteristics.

For additional information about routings, refer to the PP - Routings guide .

You can maintain the standard values in the operation and the sub-operation of the routing. The standard values were defined in the work center using the standard value keys. For each of the standard values you can also carry out a standard values calculation using CAPP. You can manually select processes and methods from the routing or else let the system do it automatically.

The system transfers a calculated standard value in the routing into the standard value field that was defined in Customizing using the value type (see Value Types). You must take into account which maintenance rule is given in the work center (that is, whether you can, may or must maintain the standard value). You can overwrite the calculated value.

You can find more details in Sub-calculations.