Maintaining Conversion Rules

If you want to determine the characteristic value from a matrix table, enter a conversion rule together with the name of the matrix table. Proceed as follows:

  1. Place the cursor on the relevant line on the screen Maintain Charact. Structure and select the menu options Edit ® Rules ® Conversion rule.
  2. You reach the dialog box Maintain Conversion Rule.

  3. Enter a matrix table and define the relational operator using the processing indicator. For the operator "LE" conversion is performed to the next smallest value.
  4. If, during a later calculation, the system cannot find a value corresponding to the criteria then the system puts a message in the log.

  5. Press ENTER .
  6. The conversion rule is allocated to the characteristic.

  7. If you want to delete existing conversion rules, choose Delete rule on the screen Maintain Conversion Rules.

In the case of search rules, an origin (in this case, the table) has to be maintained first. If you want to maintain validation rules or conversion rules for characteristics you need not have previously entered the characteristic origin.