Maintaining Technical Data in the Work Center

To carry out a standard value calculation with CAPP, you must maintain technical data in the work center. You can maintain the technical data when creating and when changing a work center.

You can find more detailed information on creating and changing work centers in the document PP - Work Centers .

Proceed as follows to maintain technical data for a work center:

  1. In the main R/3 menu choose Logistics ® Production ® Master data ® CAPP standard values and then Environment ® Change work center or Logistics ® Production ® Master data ® Work centers and then Work center ® Change.
  2. You reach the initial screen of work center maintenance.

  3. Enter the Plant and the key to the work center for which you want to maintain the technical data.
  4. Select the menu options Goto ® Technical Data.
  5. You reach the screen Technical Data where the number of processes that have already been allocated is displayed.

  6. Maintain the following technical data:
  7. - Machine type: The machine type is used to group together work centers with the same technical data (for example, lathes or drills).

    - Sort string: You can sort and search for CAPP elements using the sort string. For example, the sort string is used in the matchcode.

    - CAPP planner group: Enter the person or group of people responsible for maintaining the CAPP elements and technical data.

  8. Enter the key for rounding and additional values. This key determines the way in which numbers are rounded and additional values are dealt with, for example, whether numbers are rounded up or down and whether rounding takes place before or after adding additional values.