The Health Examinations Infotype (1009)


The Health Examinations infotype allows you to identify any health requirements employees must meet in a particular work center.


It is used only when you deal with workplaces. For example, certain work centers may require that employees have good eyesight, and so a regular eye examination may be required. Or, employees who have had a particular ailment in the past should not be placed in a particular work center.

It is not mandatory to maintain this infotype.

If you decide to use this infotype, there are two reports available that document work centers with health exclusions or health examinations. They are:


Health information is categorized into two subtypes:

You can add other subtypes, or categories, if required. Refer to the Personnel Planning and Development section of the Implementation Guide.

You must assign the information you enter to a subtype.

Use the health exclusion subtype when employees are restricted from a work center if they have, or have had, a certain ailment. For example, employees who have had TB might be restricted from work centers where food is handled.

Use the health examination subtype when a particular health examination must be performed on a regular basis, for example, an eye or hearing test is required.