The Site Dependent Info Infotype (1027)


The Site Dependent Info infotype allows you to link a calendar with an organizational unit, or a location.


Calendars specify nonworking days, which can be:

For example, some companies operate seven days a week, some five, while some companies shutdown for summer vacation.

For Organizational Management purposes, it is not mandatory to maintain the infotype there, since calendar data provides information only.

However, the Training and Event Management and Shift Planning components of HR do require this information. These modules check calendars, to ensure business events and shifts are planned for days when businesses operate. If you plan to use Training and Event Management or Shift Planning, you must provide calendar information.

A default factory calendar must be set for these two modules. For Training and Event Management you set the default in table T77S0 by entering SEMIN ORTCA For Shift Planning you set the default in table T77S0 by entering PEINS CALID (Refer to the Personnel Planning and Development section of the Implementation Guide.)

The Site Dependent Info applies only to organizational units and locations whose calendars differ from the default. Use the infotype to identify the correct calendar for the organizational unit, or location, in use.