About Activity Groups


An activity group is a collection of activities – tasks, reports, and transactions – that you link to define user parameters in the system. You can set up activity groups using Activity Group Maintenance.

You then create authority profiles using the Profile Generator, and assign activity groups to various organizational objects (such as users, jobs, or positions). By doing this, you define which users in the system may perform which tasks.

Another option is to define a number of responsibilities at each activity group. You can edit the individual responsibilities to reflect different authority profiles. In doing so, you differentiate the authority profiles in more detail. In this way, activity groups serve as a powerful tool for authorization management.

Activity Group Maintenance assists and supports people working with SAP Session Manager, SAP Business Workflow and Organizational Management. These areas require activity-oriented information.


Before setting up activity groups, you should determine which activities should be in which group. You gather activities together in a group because they are related in some way.

For example, you can decide to group activities according to subject matter, such as personnel, payroll, or budgeting. Or, you can group activities according to job classes, such as translation activities, computer programmer activities, or secretarial activities. You can also set up a combination of subject-matter and job-oriented activity groups.

On the Activity Group Maintenance screen, you can toggle between either of these views:

You use basic view only when you are using activity groups to assign authority profiles to users. You can only assign the SAP Organizational Objects.

You use overall view when you want to access

You can link workflow tasks to an activity group only in overall view.

Tasks or objects that are already related to an activity group are displayed in both views.

You can assign activity groups to organizational objects in Organizational Management and in Activity Group Maintenance. However, you cannot assign activity groups in Organizational Management, then call Activity Group Maintenance and assign more activity groups. The assignment can take place in either, but not in both.

Process Flow

The Activity Group Maintenance transaction enables you to:

Using responsibilities is an option. However, it does offer you the opportunity to differentiate, or filter, the authority profiles to represent a more specific set of authorities.