You use responsibilities as a tool to differentiate authority profiles that are generated from activity groups.


You may set up an unlimited number of activity groups. Since there are so many possible activities, each object may have a large and nonspecific authority profile. Using the object responsibility, you can streamline which authorities each object receives. You can create an authority profile for individual responsibilities, instead of for the activity group. In this way, you create more specific authorities for the objects in your system.

You might want to create two responsibilities with only slightly different authority profiles. One responsibility for cost center 001 has the value for the organizational level in the corresponding authority profile set to 001. The other responsibility for cost center 002 has that value set to 002.


Responsibilities are linked to authority profiles and to activity groups. An activity group is an object in which you collect a number of system activities. An authority profile is generated using Profile Generator. It designates the user’s authorities in the system.

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