Using Activity Groups with Responsibilities


The advantage of using activity groups with responsibilities is that you can create authority profiles for individual responsibilities, instead of for whole activity groups. This means that if you have an activity group with an organizational level (for example, booking number or company code), you do not need to create an activity group for each value of the company code. Instead, you create a responsibility for each organizational level needed, and generate the authority profile here.


Responsibilities are not independent from activity groups – if you delete an activity group, you delete the dependent responsibilities.


Before creating a responsibility, you must first create an activity group.

On the Activity Group Maintenance screen, you can toggle between either of these views:

You use basic view only when you are using activity groups to assign authority profiles to R/3 users. You can only assign the SAP Organizational Objects.

You use overall view when you want to access

You can link workflow tasks to an activity group only in overall view.

Tasks or objects that are already related to an activity group are displayed in both views.


You can create, change, copy, delimit and delete responsibilities. You can also assign objects to responsibilities.

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