Assigning Agents to Responsibilities


You may assign responsibilities to various agents in the system. An agent is an Organizational Management object, such as:

If you are using Organizational Management, it is recommended that you assign responsibilities to positions, and not to users. It is logical to assign responsibilities to a position, rather than to an individual who may resign, or change positions.

It can be problematic if you assign responsibilities to an organizational unit. If you do, you are assigning those responsibilities to the many positions assigned to that organizational unit. However, you can assign the responsibility containing the print authorization to an organizational unit, since that is an authorization that every position requires.

You can only assign Organizational Management objects in overall view. In basic view, you can only assign R/3 users.


  1. Choose overall view
  2. On the Activity Group Basic Data: Change screen, select the responsibility to which you want to assign an object.
  3. Choose Edit ® Agent Assignment ® Create.
  4. The Selection dialog box appears.

  5. Select the type of object you want to assign.
  6. The Select Agent dialog box appears.

  7. Enter the 8-digit identity code of the object you want to assign, or the object abbreviation, or run a structure search.
  8. The Create Relationship dialog box appears.

  9. Choose Create.


The system creates the relationship between the responsibility and the agent.