Activity Group Assignments


You may assign activity groups to various agents in the system. An agent is an Organizational Management object, such as:


The assignment of activity groups to objects serves different purposes, depending on the area of the system in which you work:

Activity assignments determine the areas of the system a user sees when logging on. See SAP Session Manager.

Activity assignments serve as highly detailed object descriptions, for example, job and position descriptions.

Activity group assignments can serve to determine potential agents for workflow tasks.


In basic view, you can only make assignments to R/3 users. To make assignments to jobs, positions, and organizational units you must use overall view.


You can assign the same activity group to many different objects. Also, a single object can be related with many different activity groups. The different activity groups assigned to an object are referred to as the object’s activity profile.

You can assign activity groups directly to:

You can assign a single activity group to many different users, in one procedure. If you assign activity groups to objects, the system creates Relationship infotype records in the background.

You can assign activity groups to jobs, positions, organizational units, and work centers. To assign these objects, you must first select the overall view. When you assign activity groups to an organizational unit, the assignment affects this organizational unit only, and not the complete organizational hierarchy.