Assigning Activity Groups to Organizational Management Objects


You can only assign activity groups to Organizational Management objects in overall view. You can enter a validity date for the assignment, or the assignment automatically receives an indefinite validity.


  1. Start Agent Assignment Maintenance.
  2. The Agent Assignment Maintenance screen appears.

  3. Choose Edit ® Create assignment ® Other, or the assignment option.
  4. The Related Object dialog box appears.

  5. Select the type of object you want to edit, and choose Continue.
  6. If you call the Activity Group Maintenance transaction directly, the system uses the active version. Consequently, the object list shown identifies objects in the active plan.

  7. Select the appropriate objects, and choose Transfer.

The system assigns the activity group to the selected objects, and lists the objects in the tree structure.

When you assign an authority profile, make sure you assign it to the specific position which should receive that authority. If you assign the authority profile to a job, all the positions created from that job receive the authority profile.