About Assigning SAP Organizational Objects


The Assignment of SAP Organizational Objects transaction allows you to create and maintain relationships between SAP Organizational Objects and objects from the Organizational Management component of Personnel Planning and Development.


These relationships, or assignments, are relevant for SAP Business Workflow users who are using roles to identify agents for the individual tasks in a workflow.

SAP Business Workflow lets you identify agents using different methods. For example, you could identify an agent by assigning a task directly to an R/3 user, or a position.


Roles are typically used to restrict possible agents according to very specific, and sometimes complex, criteria. There are three types of roles that may be used. You can use a role which:

In this case, the system finds an agent(s) by tracing the relationships between the task, the SAP Organizational Object and the Organizational Management object.

In this case, the system finds an agent(s) by running the function. Possible agents are provided from within the function. Exactly how the information is obtained varies from function to function.

In this case, the system finds an agent(s) by matching the values in the role container with the criteria defined at the responsibilities.


Use the Assignment of SAP Organizational Objects transaction if you need to use the first method for setting up roles.

For example, you want to restrict the task of buying certain materials to certain individuals within a specific organizational unit. This is achieved by creating an assignment between a purchasing group (purchasing groups are SAP Organizational Objects) and an organizational unit.

You can create assignments between any object classified as an SAP Organizational Object, and the Organizational Management objects – organizational units, positions, jobs, and work centers. You apply a validity period to these assignments, so that changes in responsibility can be shown.

SAP Organizational Objects must be entered in the predefined system table T7791 for these assignments to Organizational Management objects to be possible. This table cannot be edited.

Standard Roles