Creating Object Assignments


You can create assignments between Organizational Management objects and SAP Organizational Objects to use roles to identify an agent(s) for a task in a workflow.


  1. Start the Assignment of SAP Organizational Objects transaction. (See Starting the SAP Organizational Object Assignment Transaction.)
  2. The Assignment of SAP Organizational Objects screen appears.

  3. Select the Organizational Management objects, and the type of SAP Organizational Objects you want to edit. (See Selecting Objects.)
  4. Choose Assignment ® Change.
  5. Another screen appears, displaying the Organizational Management objects you selected.

    The tree structure can display additional information, including existing assignments with SAP Organizational Objects, and other Organizational Management objects, in the organizational plan. Use the View options to adjust the type of information given.

  6. Select the Organizational Management object you want to include in an assignment.
  7. Choose Assignment ® Create.
  8. (The procedure now varies, depending on the selections made in step 2.)

  9. If you are working with a specific SAP Organizational Object type, appropriate dialog boxes appear, allowing you to identify a specific object (for example, a specific purchasing group).

If you are working with all SAP Organizational Object types, a series of dialog boxes appears, allowing you to identify the type of SAP Organizational Object type you want to work with, and then a specific object.


The system saves the assignment and displays it in the tree structure.