Deleting Object Assignments


You should delete assignments between Organizational Management objects and SAP Organizational Objects only if you want to erase all record of an assignment from the database.

Deletions should only be necessary if, for example, you incorrectly or accidentally create an assignment. If you want to indicate that responsibility is changing, use the delimit feature instead.


  1. Start the Assignment of SAP Organizational Objects transaction. (See Starting the SAP Organizational Object Assignment Transaction.)
  2. The Assignment of SAP Organizational Objects screen appears.

  3. Select the Organizational Management objects, and the type of SAP Organizational Objects, you want to edit. (See Selecting Objects.)
  4. Choose Assignment ® Change.
  5. Another screen appears, displaying the Organizational Management objects you selected.

    The tree structure can display additional information, including existing assignments with SAP Organizational Objects, and other Organizational Management objects, in the organizational plan. Use the View options to adjust the type of information given.

  6. Select the assignment that should be deleted by:
  1. Choose Assignment ® Delete.
  2. A message appears asking you to confirm the deletion.

  3. Choose Yes.

The system deletes the assignment.