Assigning a Person to a Position

When you create the Personnel Administration infotype 0001 (Organizational Assignment) for a person in Personnel Administration, a dialog box appears in which you assign the person to a position. A staffing percentage of 100% is automatically proposed. You can, however, change this percentage and assign a person to several positions up to a total of 100%.

You can enter the position when maintaining infotype 0000 (Events). In this case, when the event reaches infotype 0001, the Personnel Area and Personnel Subarea fields are completed with the values that you have appended to the position. In addition, the organizational assignment of the position (job, organizational unit, cost center) is displayed in infotype 0001.

If you do not enter the position at infotype 0000, you can still enter it at infotype 0001. If you do not enter a position here either, or if you specify a staffing percentage of less than 100%, a dialog box appears, in which you can complete the entries.

The organizational integration of this position is read, and then stored in the appropriate fields of infotype 0001, together with the position number. If the position’s classification changes during the period that it is occupied by the person, the system creates several versions of infotype 0001 to ensure that the person’s assignment is always stored correctly.

If the position has been assigned directly, or by using an organizational unit to a cost center that belongs to a controlling area to which the person has not been assigned, you cannot assign the person to this position. The system rejects any attempt to assign the person to this position, because the assignment must be unique.

If an infotype 1013 record (Employee group/subgroup) has already been created for the position, and the record contains data that is different from the data entered for the person, the system displays a message to inform you.

If you assign a person to a work center instead of to a position, the job field, organizational unit field, and so on, are not filled.

If the person is not assigned to a position or work center, infotype 0001 is given the standard position to draw attention to the absence of an assignment. The number of this standard position can be found in the PLOGI PRELI entry in the Global Settings Implementation Guide under Set up Integration with Personnel Administration.

If, in the case of a transfer, you delete your new entries, the previous position remains unchanged.