Batch Inputs from Personnel Administration to Organizational Management

If batch input sessions are processed for master data and they perform actions that are relevant to integration, no changes are made to Organizational Management data. To achieve consistency between Personnel Administration and Organizational Management data, you must give the Organizational Management database the same status as Personnel Administration. You do this by starting report RHINTE00 for the persons concerned, and then processing the resulting batch input session. You find this report in the Organizational Management Implementation Guide, under Transfer data from master data record to PD.

If you are creating a Leave Event by Batch Input, infotype 0001 is split and the default position is written to infotype 0001. You use RHINTE00 to delimit the relationship between position and person.

When programming your own Batch Input for Personnel Administration, you can, however, use PP02 to update Organizational Management in the same session after the Organizational Management changes have been made. This ensures that you have consistent data between the two after the Batch Input has been processed.