Creating Organizational Units


Organizational units are sub-areas of your company divided according to business principles. They are the root objects of your organizational model. When using Simple Maintenance, you must create at least one organizational unit as your starting point.


  1. On the main Organizational Management screen, choose Simple Maintenance ® Basic org.plan ® Create.
  2. The Create Organizational Unit screen appears.

  3. In the Organizational Unit, Abbreviation, and Name fields, enter data as required.
  4. In the Validity period field, enter data as required.
  5. In the View field, choose Overall View.
  6. Choose Create.

The system saves the organizational unit. The Organizational Structure screen appears, where you can continue to build up an organizational model.


You can continue creating and assigning other organizational units, jobs, positions, and tasks. You can then assign employees – or users – to the positions.

You can also delete, delimit, create, and change your organizational units.

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