Creating Jobs


To create jobs using Simple Maintenance, you must first create organizational units. (In Detail Maintenance, you can create jobs first.) Job is the general description of a group of responsibilities. An example of a job is Manager.

You can also create jobs in the Task Profile/Change screen in Simple Maintenance.


  1. On the Organizational Structure/Change screen in Simple Maintenance, choose Goto ® Staff Assignments.
  2. The Staff Assignments/Change screen appears.

  3. Choose Edit ® Create ® Job.
  4. The Create Jobs dialog box appears. Existing jobs are listed at the bottom of the screen, in alphabetical order.

  5. In the Abbr. and Name fields, enter data as required for each job you want to create.
  6. Choose the Period field to adjust the validity period.
  7. The Validity Period dialog box appears.

    1. In the Validity Period fields, enter data as required.
    2. Choose Continue.

    Otherwise, skip to step 5.

    The validity period is applied to all the jobs you entered in the Create Jobs dialog box.

  8. Save your entries.


Jobs do not appear in the tree structure (it is only positions which appear). Once you have created a job, you can delete, delimit or change it, and delete or delimit the job or position assignments.

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