Assigning Tasks to Organizational Management Objects


You create task profiles by assigning tasks to objects. If you selected Overall View when you created your root organizational unit in Simple Maintenance, you can work with all four task types.

When you assign tasks to objects (jobs, positions, and organizational units) you are creating relationship infotype records between the task and the other object. This relationship infotype record is vital for Workflow Management, which evaluates the network of relationships at runtime to send the right task to the right person.

Generally, you should not link tasks directly to users. If you do so, you are using workflow merely as a mailing system. However, it does make sense to link personal tasks to users, such as ‘Fill out leave request’.

The correct path for linking is task ® position ® user. Sending tasks to positions before users has a specific advantage. If a holder of a position is replaced by someone else, the succeeding holder automatically takes over the tasks assigned to the position.


  1. On the Task Profile screen in Simple Maintenance, select the position, job or organizational unit you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit ® Assign ® Tasks.
  3. The Choose Task dialog box appears.

  4. Use the Search string field to get a list of available tasks.
  5. The Search Function dialog box appears, listing tasks.

  6. Alternatively, you can use the Structure Search field to search for a list of available tasks.
  7. The Choose Task dialog box appears. Here you can choose to select a task either from the Task Catalog screen, or from the Business Application Components screen. You can switch between either screen.

  8. Select a task.
  9. The Assign Tasks dialog box appears. It displays the task, and the proposed job, position, or organizational unit link.

  10. Choose the Period field to adjust the validity period.
  11. Choose Percent to assign a weighting to the task.
  12. Choose Assign.

The Task Profile window appears. The tree structure displays the new task assignment.


You can now edit the task weightings, delimit and delete task assignments, remove tasks from the task profile and maintain tasks.

You can also assign tasks to the job profile to provide a fuller job description. Select Goto ® Job Profile to assign tasks to jobs in the job profile. All positions you create from these jobs inherit the tasks assigned in the job profile.

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