Users Versus Employees


You can enter your staff in the system as employees, or as users. An employee object contains information such as name, address, phone number, salary level, vacation and sick days accrued, length of employment, and so on. A user object contains information such as user name, password, and privileges. The task that each user performs depends on the user’s activity group and task profile. It also depends on the concept of inheritance.


For workflow to determine the potential agents of tasks at runtime, you must assign users. This link provides information – such as fax number and Internet address – which is needed as part of the workflow process.

If you have Human Resources, you can assign users to employees using the Communication infotype 0105. If you have the Basis system installed, you can only use users.


To assign employees to positions, you must ensure that you have integrated Personnel Administration and Organizational Management.

See Integration between Organizational Management and Personnel Administration


In Simple Maintenance, you can link either an employee, or a user, to a position. If you have linked an employee to a position, and want to assign a user to that position to run Workflow Management, use the Communication infotype 0105. You can display your user assignment in Simple Maintenance.