SAP Organizational Objects


You can route tasks to the appropriate users by creating relationships between SAP Organizational Objects – which reside in the Business Object Repository (BOR) – and the Organizational Management objects. The system finds an agent by tracing the relationships between the task, the SAP Organizational Object and the Organizational Management object.


SAP Organizational Objects must be entered in the system table T7791, in order for these assignments to Organizational Management objects to be possible. This table is preset in the appropriate format, and you can add new entries.


Before you can edit object assignments, you must choose the objects with which you want to work. You can then create relationships between the two kinds of objects. This allows you to use roles to identify potential agents for tasks in workflow. Once you have created these object assignments, you can edit, delete, delimit,and view them.


You create relationships between SAP Organizational Objects and Organizational Management objects using the relevant transaction code.

About Assigning SAP Organizational Objects