ALE and the R/3 Procedure Model

The R/3 Procedure Model provides cross-application information required for implementing R/3 software. The model is like a phase model whereby worksteps are assigned to each phase and one or more Customizing worksteps are associated with each phase.

When implementing ALE functions you should refer to the R/3 procedure model to ensure that R/3 is implemented in a well structured way.

If ALE is to be supported in an R/3 System installation, implementation of the R/3 procedure model is affected at four points:

If ALE business processes are supported, functions and processes must be defined on a cross-system basis. The message types exchanged between the systems are described in the distribution model.

When defining organizational units like company codes and plants in the R/3 System, it is important to note that these have to be unique worldwide, across all systems. For example, the plant 0001 can only exist in one R/3 System.