IDocs For Master Data

Maximal IDoc

A maximal IDoc specified by SAP contains as far as possible all the information about an object that can be distributed. The structure is closely allied to the R/3 table structure.

Creating a Reduced IDoc

A reduced IDoc can be created from a maximal IDoc to meet customer requirements.

The structure of the IDoc can be displayed in a transaction started from ALE IMG. You can deactivate segments and fields. Mandatory fields cannot be reduced.

If a reduced IDoc is created from a maximal IDoc, then this means that a new message type is generated and allocated to this IDoc. The reference to the message type of the maximal IDoc is maintained (for example, the new message type for material can be MATSMD, the reference message type is MATMAS.)

This IDoc with the new message type can now be used for communication rather than the maximal IDoc. It is automatically allocated to the change documents.

When sending MATMAS02 IDocs, the E1MKALM segments (production version) are filled and sent, but are ignored by a receiver R/3 System. This data may be used with non-SAP systems without any restriction.

If short texts or long texts belonging to master data are changed, then these will be distributed and posted in the receiver. Deleted texts are not transferred.