Distributing Master Data Using Classes

Classes are used in master data management when distribution rules cannot be modeled across organizational units. There are classes for material, customer and vendor master data.

Cost centers and G/L accounts do not have a classification and therefore they cannot be distributed in classes. Since the quantities of data in these cases are small, all the data can be distributed to all the systems. You could also filter the data according to the organizational unit.

Classes can be used to define master data objects that a system is interested in.

The Hamburg system is interested in all the purchasing data in the WHOLE class (range of wholesale goods) and also in all the sales data in the SOUTH class (materials that are sold in the south of the country).

For each object type a (customer-defined) class type can be specified as relevant for ALE. All classes belonging to this class type can be used.

Classes are maintained in master data transactions. A master data object is added to a class by classifying it.