Distribution from Product Cost Controlling to Profitability Analysis (CO-PC, CO-PA)


If there is a decentral sales and distribution system that performs profitability analysis based on costing data from another R/3 System, then it is necessary for costing data to be exchanged between the two systems. The costing results can then be analyzed by the Profitability Analysis (CO-PA).

Abb.: Data Transfer From Product Costing to Profitability Analysis


You must have maintained the respective master data and control data in ALE Customizing.

The Customizing settings in the sending system must be the same in the target system.

The material masters with financial accounting and costing views must exist.


The costing data can be distributed to specific logical systems that the distribution model has designated to receive the costing data. Costing data is selected as required and is written to IDocs and then transmitted. The costing results can be used as the basis for further costing in other systems. Partner shares can also be send in ALE.

Costing data is posted in the target system using the IDOC_INPUT_COPCPA function module. The data is written to the KEKO and KEPH tables. It is necessary that the accounting and costing views of the material master exist for the corresponding materials.

The standard costing released from the sending system is not automatically released in the receiver system. The system sets its status to Marking allowed.

To get to the ALE distribution of material costing function, from the initial R/3 screen, choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product cost planning, then Tools ® Material costing ® Distribution.

You can then choose what to distribute:

You can select the material number, listing (group of materials), plant, costing variant, costing version, status and date of the costing data to be distributed.

To distribute via listings, assign the required materials to a class. To do this choose Logistics ® Central functions ® Classification ® Allocation ® Maintain ® Objects to classes

You also have the following options:

You can specify that materials are only to be sent that are assigned to a specific listing in Customizing. The materials in a listing care maintained as above.

You can specify that the filter objects from a message type of a material (for example, MATMAS) are transferred to the application, in addition to the filter objects for the message type COPCPAs.

You can activate both these functions in the distribution model in Customizing. For the filter functions, assign the relevant listing to a logical system.

Master Data to be Distributed

Material master (accounting and costing views)

Control Data to be Distributed

The control data that has to be distributed for this scenario is detailed in the ALE Implementation Guide.