Distribution of Profit Center Transaction Data

A distributed environment where multiple R/3 systems are linked together via Application Link Enabling (ALE) makes it possible to send transaction data from Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA) in several systems to Profit Center Accounting in one central system. Since EC-PCA runs in all the systems, you can analyze the profit centers in any system based on the data posted locally. One of the systems takes on the role of a central system and receives the summary records from the other systems. That way you can analyze all the profit center data in the central system.

Distributed Profit Center Accounting makes it possible to store profit center data even if different business process are depicted in different R/3 systems. For example, if Sales and Production use different systems in your organization, you can post the data to the profit centers in the local system and send the summary records to the central system on a periodic basis.

In this scenario, the transaction data is only transferred from the local systems to the central system.