Process Flow

The customer distribution model you maintain in Customizing determines how the applications in your distributed systems communicate with one another. You maintain this model in the central system and then distribute it to the other systems.

It is recommended that you define one central system for master and transaction data for each controlling area.

The message types determine which data is sent under which activity. The R/3 System contains the message type PCROLL (Profit center data) for distribution in Profit Center Accounting.

If you have more than one central system, you may want to transfer the data by company code. Consequently, it is possible to enter the company code as a filter in the customer distribution model.

Then you can roll up the balances in your local systems to the central system via export rollup. You can roll up both planning data and actual data. The balances transferred are stored in a special export ledger and are used to determine what needs to be transferred the next time you run the rollup.

Overview of the monthly rollup process in Profit Center Accounting

If an error occurs during the data transfer, you can set up your system so that the responsible persons automatically are informed of this. The standard task for errors during the transfer of profit center data is TS40007915 (PCROLL). For more information about error handling, see the ALE Implementation Guide.

The profit center summary record in the central system contains the sending logical system as a reference. Consequently, you can see what system a summary record came from in your reports.