Demand Program Reporting (PP-MP-MPS)

The master production scheduling part of the master planning contains some special analysis tools.

The results of the most recent planning run are stored in an MRP list, the planning result. The current stock/requirements situation can also be displayed via the planning situation.

This report allows analyses to be made of individual materials or product groups and across all plants. (You can find more detailed information in the description of the master planning).

The distribution scenario for the demand program reporting allows analyses to be carried out in distributed systems.

Information relating to MRP elements such as production orders, purchase orders, sales orders, reservations, warehouse stocks etc. can be obtained.

The so-called layouts specify exactly which information should be displayed on the screen. The layouts are configured in Customizing.

The scenario can be used in conjunction with the distributed sales and operations planning (SOP) in the business organization, but it can also be used on its own.

Model Used in Scenario

Using the customer distribution model, the programs find out which plants have been created in which logical systems.

When information is needed that only exists in a remote system, a query is sent using synchronous RFCs.

The dummy message type PRODPL must be assigned to the logical partner system in the partner profile. This assignment is used to determine the target system for the RFC.

All the information is read from the distributed systems. It is therefore possible to perform analyses on every system, i.e. central <-> decentral and decentral -> decentral.

If there is any information that cannot be read, the error is logged and can be displayed (for example, if the system does not exist or if there is no access authorization).

The following example deals with the analysis of the planning situation for a material across all the plants:


Each of the plants must have a number which is unique across all systems.

It must be clear from the customer model which plant is maintained in which logical system.

The authorization for displaying the materials planning has to be present in every system that is covered by the demand program reporting.

The information that should be displayed and the hierarchy in which it should be displayed is specified in the application Customizing with the layouts.

Master Data to be Distributed

Functional Restrictions Compared to an Integrated System

It is not possible to go directly from the overview of the MRP elements to process a single MRP element (e.g. a sales order), since the original copy of this exists on another system.