Dispatch of Audit Confirmations

For performance reasons confirmations are dispatched periodically for a packet of IDocs rather than for each individual IDoc. Confirmations have a special IDoc ALEAUD01 with message type ALEAUD.

The RBDSTATE report dispatches the audit confirmations. You can also start this report from the ALE menu by choosing Periodic processing ® Monitoring ® Audit confirmation message.

Confirmations can only be dispatched if a message flow for the message type ALEAUD has been maintained in the distribution model. The filter object MESTYP provides a more detailed specification. You can use the filter object to set the message types for generating Audit confirmations. As a rule, you do not have to send confirmations for all message types. For example, it is quite likely that confirmations will not be necessary for master data. If the MESTYP filter object is not used all IDocs are confirmed by ALEAUD in the receiver system.

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