Parameters of Report RBDSTATE

The selection parameters allow you to regulate in which systems and for which application message types, confirmations should be generated in the current report run. The report generates IDocs from the message type ALEAUD containing information about the processing state of inbound IDocs in your own system. An Audit IDoc contains confirmations for up to 500 IDocs. If there are more IDocs to be confirmed, several IDocs will be generated. The output consists of a list of generated IDocs. If an IDoc is not generated or an error occurs an appropriate message is displayed.

The report selects IDocs whose statuses have recently changed. Because almost every IDoc action (e.g. creation, successful posting/ unsuccessful posting in an application) alters the status of the IDoc, it is these IDocs which have in some way or other been processed. You can specify the repeat interval for these selections with the last selection parameter. If the report is to be run online then the parameter is mandatory. This is not the case with batch processing where there are two processing modes: Daily or Less Frequent Dispatch of Confirmations and More Frequent Dispatch of Confirmations .