ALE Audit IDocs

The Audit IDoc ALEAUD01 contains three segments: E1ADHDR, ESTATE and E1PRTOB.

One IDoc contains a maximum of 500 IDoc confirmations. The segments comprise the following:

E1ADHDR contains the message type, the message code and the message function for the ensuing confirmations.

The field MESTYP_LNG in the segment E1ADHDR has been extended in Release 4.0 because message type names have been increased from 6 to 30 characters. Furthermore MESTYP contains the message type name in a field six characters long; MESTYP_LNG contains the message type name in a field 30 characters long. If possible, values are entered in both fields when an Audit IDoc is dispatched. The field MESTYP is left empty for message types created in Release 4.0 onwards and which have not been allocated a six character short text in Customizing for IDoc Basis.

E1STATE contains the IDoc number of the sending system (Field DOCNUM), the current status in the receiving system and the message fields from the current status record in the receiving system. In a remote system the DOCNUM value depends on how the IDocs were previously dispatched to the R/3 System. The sending system IDoc number is the number assigned when the INBOUND_IDOC_PROCESS in field EDI_DC-DOCNUM was called. The R/3 System saves this number unless it is the initial value.

If the Audit IDoc is going to be sent to an R/3 System, the DOCNUM field must contain a valid R/3 IDoc number. If there is not an IDoc for the given number this entry is ignored. The Status field must contain a valid R/3 status value for inbound IDocs.

In Release 4.0 more fields have been added to the segment because the data format of IDoc status records in R/3 has changed. The message parameters (from field STAPA1 to field STAPA4) have been increased from 20 to 50 lines. This is why the fields (from STAPA1_LNG to STAPA4_LNG) have been added. The contents of the field STACOD have been distributed to four fields, STATYP, STAMQU, STAMID and STAMNO.

When an Audit IDoc is created values should be entered in both field groups. However, this is not always possible for new message types created in Release 4.0.

E1PRTOB contains the receiver's IDoc number and the application object generated in inbound processing, if one exists. The application object has the same format as the BOR link tools, that is, it comprises a BOR object type, Object ID and logical owner system.